Android – Best Platform for Mobile Advertising

It is a universally accepted fact that mobile apps have played an essential role in creating the market duopoly which iOS and Android hold today. With the enduring support of their enthusiastic and creative developer communities, the iOS and Android collectively hold over 93% of the smartphones market share in the world.

Interestedly, the extremely important factor of developer platform preference is never discussed or considered when the future of mobile advertising is discussed.

In the current scenario iOS retains an edge over Android in advertising revenue. We simply believe that what is true today will also be the same for the future tomorrow. But on a closer look you will realize, that over the last few years developers have been communicating a cogent argument that Android may soon overtake iOS and emerge as the dominant platform for mobile advertising.


Over the months, Android has been evolving the fastest in areas of mobile advertising. This is an indisputable benefit for both developers and consumers. Consumers search and are interested in free apps more than the paid ones. These consumers will uncomplainingly embrace mobile ads as a means to procure the free apps. In the present times, Ad networks are working on some of the most creative and innovative work on Android and not iOS.

As a result, top mobile Ad network have started working towards incentivizing Android to the developer community by creating highly innovative ad formats. Increasingly, a large number of developers are now viewing Android as a home to the industry’s most effective and least disruptive mobile ads. And their payouts prove it.


The Ad networks have ensured in providing on the mark and profitable mobile advertising. With these mobile advertising strategies, money is flowing like never before to the Android developers.

A recent high-profile developer survey showed that the monthly earnings gap between iOS and Android developers is narrowing fast and will be on par soon. Anyone who fails to consider this when evaluating and studying the future of mobile advertising is surely missing one of the most important facts regarding the industry’s evolvement.

Platform Of Choice:

App developers are among the most creative individuals striving hard in any areas of technology. And they are also the most inclined to prosper and earn profits awarding them for their hard work. This is exactly the reason why Android is becoming more and more desirable to developers because it supports an environment of motivated and profitable productivity.

The nascent mobile advertising industry and its players were challenged by Steve Jobs to aim higher, innovate faster, and grow rapidly. However unfortunately for iOS, most of these creative developers have found it easier to work on Android rather than iOS.


Industry reports are conflicting on which mobile operating system is really dominating the market today. These reports try to cover everything from hardware shipments and number of app downloads, to mobile ad revenue and finally consumer satisfaction. However nothing will be able to decide a winner in this war other than than the leading platform preference among the developers.

Looking at the current trends, over a period of time Android will prove to be the most preferred and dominant platform for mobile advertising.

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