Importance of SDK’s for In App Advertising

The findings from The State of Mobile Monetization report by Mobbo, the app marketer, responsible for highlighting top trends in mobile monetization, says that 78% of the top ranked apps on Android and 55% on iOS are using at least one in-app advertising SDK.

In the recent years Android app makers have started to advertise more aggressively, with more than double of Android apps showing and broadcasting ads. But these app makers are not implementing just one single in app advertising SDK. The average Android gaming app has 3.6 SDKs installed when compared to 2.7 SDKs in iOS.

An in app advertising SDK is used for integrating an advertisement request into mobile applications. In other words, SDKs offer libraries of rules and instructions making it very easy for app developers to control the placement and running of advertisements in their application.

software development kit (SDK) is normally a set of software development tools which allows the creation of applications for a specific software package, software framework, hardware platform, computer systemvideo game consoleoperating system, or similar development platform.

The task can be complex as generally App developers use a number of ad monetization partners (ad networks, DSPs). An app which is garnering thousands of users has the potential to generate thousands, or even millions of ad requests per month, depending on the time spent by the user on the app.

Each mobile platform whether Android or iOS or Windows has a different SDK. These SDKs are used by developers for enabling various rich media and ad network plug-ins and for connecting with different mobile ad networks and demand sources.

As an App developer working on a new mobile app, you can choose from the two types of software development kits (SDKs) available for connecting your app to advertisers: bundled and unbundled. It is generally perceived that it's easier to opt for a bundled SDK because all the integrations and testing are completed for the developers in advance. However, it is very important to look into the realities of working with a bundled versus unbundled SDK in order to make an apt decision about ad serving and app development needs.

To target the right audience and to monetize their app, developers require to select the right in-app Advertising SDKs (Software Development Kits). Today’s marketplace offers app developers with a wide range and a huge number of competitive SDK choices, making it difficult for them to select the best and the right SDK.

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