Need for Mobile App Advertising

A number of market researches and studies have estimated a global spending of $300 billion on digital and mobile advertisements by the end of this decade. Which will make digital and mobile advertising account for almost 50% of the highly-lucrative global advertising market. But with the growing investments into digital marketing, the new-age advertisers have been asking for an improved measurability and tracking of the digital advertising.

In recent years technology has been disrupting and affecting each and every industry, it’s all the more important that the advertisers begin preparations for the upcoming changes and future now. They should start considering a well-integrated user experience and engagement across all the devices along with different platforms like different mobile apps. Mobile app advertising will take a very prominent place in digital advertising in the coming years. Mobile advertising is advertising on mobile devices like smart phones, tablets or PDAs which use wireless internet connections. Text ads through SMS, or banner advertisements appearing embedded on the mobile web site, downloaded apps or in mobile games. Mobile app advertising is a very transparent and measurable medium for advertisers.

In the Mobile app network users are identified through ad IDs, which is a very dependable and effectual way of recognizing a potential consumer. Consumer behavior and interaction with the advertisement is taken into consideration for the app analysis, giving both the brands and advertisers micro and macro level overviews on the performance of their advertisements with their target audiences. This facilitates advertisers in tailoring and creating their advertising campaigns to suit the preferences and requirements of their prospective customers, giving a huge boost to user conversion along with returns on investment (RoI).

For developing a perfect app, developers require to select the right SDKs – Software Development Kits. Today’s marketplace offers app developers with a wide range and a huge number of competitive SDK choices, making it difficult for them to select the best and the right SDK. A software development kit (SDK) is normally a set of software development tools which allows the creation of applications> for a specific software package, software framework, hardware platform, computer systemvideo game consoleoperating system, or similar development platform. In order to enhance the applications with improved functionalities, advertisements, push notifications and many more, most mobile app developers implement specific SDKs. There are some SDKs which are installed in apps to provide analytics and data about activity. Most common examples include Google and Facebook.

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