Why Mobile Display Advertising could become bigger than most marketing forms?

Over the years, marketers have been using both SEO and SEA to realize their business potentials. Companies and marketers using both these forms of marketing have achieved considerable results. One of the latest alternatives to SEO and SEA, gaining worldwide attention, is Mobile Display Advertising (MDA). In the recent years, Mobile Display Advertising has become more noticeable and evident. Many cases studies and research show that their ROI’s are high. However, a detailed analysis shows categorically that Mobile Display Advertising is still unknown to many advertisers and marketers while it is being considered a growing upcoming model which will stay here for long.

Mobile display has earned a major share of attention because of its increasing digital spend which in 2016 was upto100 billion. Mobile advertising is seen as a major challenge by many marketers, mainly because of its complexity still MDA spends over the years has been increasing rapidly. With this kind of tremendous growth, the system has come up with both challenges and opportunities. The opportunities associated with targeted mobile display campaigns explain that there is an enormous amount of mobile inventory. Reason because every person across the world is on his phone all the time. This means people are visiting different websites and apps. And you have an opportunity to advertise on these sites and apps.

The number of mobile apps and websites allowing advertisements in their content is a new wave that has taken over the world of marketing. Such mobile advertising platforms make it possible for more visitors to become potential consumers of the projected information. Social media is also extensively used on mobile devices. Facebook is currently being used by billions of people in across the globe. A very large portion of mobile traffic is accounted by the visitation by people of apps and mobile websites. Mobile Display Advertising is the most simple, scalable and organic marketing model which can completely utilize this humongous amount of mobile traffic. For example in a newspaper, advertisements remain the biggest form of revenue. MDA can be described as the modern equivalent of advertising in televisions or in newspapers.

MDA is a powerful model which can transform mobile advertising. It can be defined as an organic model because it’s feasible and scalable for advertisers, and at the same time it generates huge revenue for publishers and legal obstacles are very minimal. The MDA model has great potential to transform the performance of many businesses and their marketing techniques. Research and the apparent growth of MDA suggests that very soon it will become a bigger marketing tool than SEA and SEO.