Generating revenue from an android app or mobile game app with Mobile advertising SDK is easy

Alphagravel is a high-performance mobile advertising SDK platform that allows android app developers to monetize their mobile traffic.

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Alphagravel’s SDK is simple to integrate and allows app developers to add ads to their Android app to monetize their traffic with different ads. The company offers Android app developers a best-in-class SDK and advanced predictive algorithms.

Initially the variety of new ad formats available from Native Ads to Interstitials to Mobile Video, to Offer Walls means that it’s possibly desirable to work with a number of SDKs to help several ad units at various points in the user journey.

Furthermore, the increase in international traffic and value means that to generate the highest revenues developers need to work with a variety of SDKs to provide good coverage in particular markets or regions.

In addition, the growth in real-time bidding, exchanges, and programmatic trading has raised a number of services that can offer ad-serving or mediation services that plug developers into demand from many demand-side-platforms, trading desks, and mobile advertising networks.

This means that it’s become more and more complicated to decide on the right app advertising partners.

Alphagravel is an independent automated mobile ads marketplace concentrated on powering regional interstitial, banner and video ads. Our main aim is to allow mobile publishers to maximize the full potential of their businesses by providing state of the art technologies for buying and selling mobile advertisements.


Once logged into your dashboard, simply move your slider to your preferred guaranteed revenue


Set to auto-optimize if you want the Alphagravel platform to algorithmically determine the optimal price for your inventory


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